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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Steamcream, my new favourite moisturiser?

Steamcream in Envy Tin and Ekaterina Tin

It finally happened! I finally caved into the Steamcream hype! After reading so many great reviews about how moisturising and totally awesome Steamcream is, I had to try it myself! My skin has been experiencing quite the dry spell lately, adding to my inability to resist the purchase!

I placed my order on the Steamcream website the 6th of August and received the soaking wet package yesterday morning, on the 18th of August. It took 12 days to arrive to Australia which is pretty average I guess. I would have preferred the uber fast shipping ASOS offers that seems to get to my door anywhere between 3-6 days but oh well, the important thing is it eventually got here! I am really pleased with how Steamcream shipped the order though I must say. Although it was pouring outside and the satchel the creams came in was drenched, the Steamcreams were unaffected as they were wrapped nicely in this little box.

Steamcream in Envy Tin and Ekaterina Tin in delivery box

Anyway so I ordered these off the site when they were having a 2 for $30 promotion. I think the product is quite overpriced for the tiny 75ml you receive but the beautiful tins make it SOOOOO worth it! The moisturiser inside is actually quite decent too but more on that in a sec.

The tins I purchased are Ekaterina, which is the lovely dark purple tin with a gorgeous, intricate gold design on it, and Envy, which is a beautiful watercolour floral design. On the steam cream site it says the Envy tin is designed by a Japanese artist named Maki Kahori, fancy! This is what they look like, and trust me, these pictures do not do the tins enough justice!

Steamcream in Envy Tin and Ekaterina Tin
The Ekaterina Tin is simply stunning! I can't wait to use the tin as a ring storage container when I am done with the moisturiser! It goes so well with my decor!

Steamcream in Envy Tin and Ekaterina Tin
The Envy Tin looks amazing! I intended on giving this to my sister but I really want to keep it for myself now!

Now onto the moisturiser itself. I love the moisturiser! It feels rich in moisture but light in texture at the same time. It also has a thick texture but not at all gloopy or unpleasant. It is a thickness that isn't runny and isn't body gel crazy thick either. I literally don't have a moisturiser that is like it! It also absorbs quickly and seems to brighten up my skin. There is literally nothing not to love about it... except it's smell. I am sure a lot of people love the smell of this cream but I really do not. I find it is much too strong for me. It has a really pungent lavender/floral/old lady smell that lingers for a long time when it's on my hand however feels like it disappears relatively quickly on my face. Maybe I just get used to the smell when it's on my face? I am not too sure but when my hands go near my face I can't stand the scent again. I really hope I'll just get used to the smell because I really love how the moisturiser feels on my skin. Here are some photos of the cream so you can see its texture and how nice it makes my dry hands look once applied.

Steamcream in Ekaterina Tin and its texture
As you can see here, Steamcream has a light, gel like texture.

Steamcream texture when applied to skin.

Steamcream improving skin texture and appearance.

I am not sure if the photos are showing how much my skin texture improved once I used the cream, but trust me the improvement was quite significant from the first application! I really hope this will give my skin the moisture boost it truly needs. Have you tried Steamcream before? Did you love it or hate it?

Nur x

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