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Monday, 4 August 2014

Michael Todd Chronicles: Week 2

Hello my lovelies!

It's that time of the week again, the weekly Michael Todd update! Sorry it's a couple of days late. I am pleased to say I had a very eventful week! This included some celebrations, both my brother and sister's birthdays and a couple of makeup and clothing hauls! I steered clear of spending for almost a month then went crazy this week! Hey, I guess a month is still an improvement... right? Anyway, this isn't a haul post (those are to come), this is about my skin, this week.

So let's get straight into the logistics of my skin. My skin this week has definitely not been in the best state! This definitely does not correlate to how Michael Todd has been to my skin though. Aunt Flo was visiting this week and with her comes a wave of trouble, including skin trouble! Basically I was gifted with quite a few spots this week - as I am whenever she comes to town - however, I am pleased to say the spots did not last as long as they usually do, nor were they as large as they usually are! Forgive the derpy face, but this is my skin on week 2 of the regime!

My Skin Two Weeks After Using The Michael Todd Skincare Regime

I am pretty sure the breakouts I had this week were significantly reduced thanks to the Michael Todd products I have been using daily. I really hope the regime keeps surprising me and keeps doing whatever it is that it's doing because my skin seems to love it! I really hope the goodness just keeps on coming!

Anyway that's all for this week's chronicle!

Nur x

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