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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Disco Ball Nails?! Yes please! - OPI Liquid Sand (Jinx)

OPI Liquid Sand (Jinx) Review

What's better than going to club for those disco lights and they party? Bringing in the disco lights and the party with you of course! This weekend is my best friend's birthday party and it's her 21st, so its pretty festive. I was putting together my outfit and makeup ideas for the night and was thinking to myself, I'm coming as the lady in red or 'Lady Danger'! I bought a red dress (or two), new red lippies and the only thing missing was how to do my nails! I thought long and hard before deciding to go red with them too and there is no red shade that is more festive than this one, so I had to use it!

'Jinx' is a gorgeous scarlet/orange toned red polish from OPI's Liquid Sand range. It is a gorgeous shade of red that is flattering on any skin tone which has speckles of gold and red glitter running through it. I absolutely love this shade and this polish! All Liquid Sand polishes by OPI are textured and dry matte. I love that the glitter and sparkle in this polish are so bright and gorgeous that they glow without a topcoat and even though they are supposed to be matte! Another great thing about this polish is that you only need one coat and you're good to go because it is so pigmented and has a great formula, I used two as usual to beef up the intensity! I was initially a little weirded out by the texture - not because it was uncomfortable or drying or really chunky and scratchy, in fact it's definitely none of those things - the polish has a light texture which isn't overbearing or scratchy, just a smooth sandy feeling which I eventually got used to. I'm just someone who takes time to adjust to new things!

Anyway, I basically wanted to say that the polish is awesome and I love it so! If you haven't yet checked out OPI polishes, you definitely should try them out, they're all lovely and are worth the investment. If you have tried OPI nail polishes and are looking to try something new, the Liquid Sand ones are great! I love Jinx and I really want to try more of these! If you have any recommendations, leave it in the comments below!

At the end of the week I will be posting up my make up look for the night and hopefully my 'Lady in Red/Lady Danger' outfit (if I decide on using it on the night of course). I'm someone who always changes my mind on outfits at the last minute so we'll have to wait and see! Even if I end up using a different dress, my nails are staying, even if they clash with the outfit! They're too pretty to go!

Nur x

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