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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Michael Todd Chronicles: Week 5

I have been on my Michael Todd skincare regimen for over a month now, and although I found my skin was reacting to it very nicely before, I'm starting to feel as though it isn't helping as much now. I fear my skin has gotten used to the products, and are therefor not workign as effectively. This is what my skin looks like now.

Michael Todd Chronicles: Week 5 of the regimen

 I have been breaking out quite a bit this week and I feel as though the Michael Todd products are not doing enough to prevent them. I still feel like they are helping clear out the breakouts faster though. At the moment I am disappointed in them but hopefully suring the course of this week, that will change. The only product I always seem to be loving is the toner. I definitely think I will repurchase that in the future! I just thought I should mention that I have been having a particularly stressful week which could have contributed to the breakouts, though I feel that some of them are more from the skin care products not being as effective anymore. I guess I will find out in due time!

Nur x

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