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Monday, 21 April 2014

You're not rockin' until you're rocking ROC

Hello beautiful people!

Today I bring to you a haul of sunglasses I recently purchased off ROC eyewear. I am a strong advocate for using sunglasses as sunglasses are not only a nice accessory to have on a sunny day, but they are also an essential component in protecting your retinas from sun damage. This is why I believe having a nice pair (or more) are always a good investment. In this haul, I bought 3 pairs to add to my collection. All these sunglasses are suited to oval shaped faces and square/circle shaped faces (which is what I have).

ROC Sunglasses Haul

The first of the lot is the Sinatra brown/tortoiseshell cat eye sunglasses (520E) which retail for $89.95. I think these are my favourite of the three. They can look quite elegant for a dressed up event, like the Melbourne Cup. I'd like to mention that all ROC sunglasses come in a firm protective case and with a lens cleaning cloth which are both handy for protecting your sunglasses and making them last longer!

ROC Sinatra brown/tortoiseshell cat eye sunglasses

ROC Sinatra brown/tortoiseshell cat eye sunglasses

ROC Sinatra brown/tortoiseshell cat eye sunglasses

ROC Sinatra brown/tortoiseshell cat eye sunglasses

ROC Sinatra brown/tortoiseshell cat eye sunglasses

ROC Sinatra brown/tortoiseshell cat eye sunglasses

Next pair are known as the Catherine and they are a frosted green/brown colour (719E). These retail for $79.95 and the frames are slightly angular in shape.

ROC Catherine Green/Brown Sunglasses

ROC Catherine Green/Brown Sunglasses

ROC Catherine Green/Brown Sunglasses

ROC Catherine Green/Brown Sunglasses

ROC Catherine Green/Brown Sunglasses

The last pair I purchased was the Autumn Black & White sunglasses which are a butterfly style (779B). These also retail for $79.95.

ROC Autumn Black & White sunglasses - butterfly style

ROC Autumn Black & White sunglasses - butterfly style

ROC Autumn Black & White sunglasses - butterfly style

ROC Autumn Black & White sunglasses - butterfly style

ROC Autumn Black & White sunglasses - butterfly style

I definitely LOVE all three sunglasses and am looking forward to using them every time the sun is out! All three can be worn with a variety of outfits whilst being trendy so they were definitely worth the investment! Which pair was your favourite and do you own a pair of ROC sunglasses too? If so do you love them as much as I do? Let me know in the comments below!

Cheers guys, I hope you have a great day. Enjoy the last day of the long weekend!

Nur xx

P.S I'll be putting up a post on how I created this flawless face makeup look in the days to come so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Friday, 18 April 2014

It's the long weekend!

Hello beautiful people!

It's finally here, THE LONG WEEKEND!!! I hope everyone has fun plans for what is predicted to be a beautiful long weekend. In preparation for the long weekend, I put together a cute fun nail design!

OPI matte top coat on abstract leopard print design

This nail look is so simple to achieve and the best part is, you can use any colour combination you can think up! I really wanted a stand out design so I chose red on white. The red also compliments the red lipsticks I'll be using this weekend so it was only natural I'd use it. To create this nail design here's some quick instructions.

1) Apply your favourite base coat to your nails.
2) Paint your nails with a polish of your choice. I prefer using lighter colours so the print will stand out more.
3) Once dry, with a dotting tool, randomly place spots all over your nail. I like doing 5 or more spots depending on the nail size.
4) When spots have dried, using a nail art pen, trace around the spots using 'C' shapes to create a leopard like look. Where there are empty spaces simply place dots or smaller 'C' shapes to fill in the design.
5) Apply a top coat of your choice to your completed design once dry. Today I opted for a matte top coat. I love the one by OPI!

Now for looks to use this weekend! I've already posted these looks on my Instagram so feel free to check them out! If you want to view some cool outfit ideas and nail art as soon as I come up with them, follow me on Instagram. I will always follow up my looks on my blog with more detail of course.

HappyNurtle Instagram

Anyway these are the looks I feel will totally complement the fun and sun this weekend. This is look one:

American Apparel floral crop top, ASOS Pinafore Skater Skirt in PU with Detachable Straps

American Apparel floral crop top, ASOS Pinafore Skater Skirt in PU with Detachable Straps

This look is simple, laid back and girly. I teemed a cropped floral shirt from American Apparel with my ASOS pinafore skirt and a cute pair of ankle boots. This look was accessorised with a bright blue watch by Ice, my black bracelet by Colette Accessories and my ASOS metal top cat eye sunglasses.

American Apparel floral crop top, ASOS Pinafore Skater Skirt in PU with Detachable Straps, Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color 'Old Hollywood'

As the look is really simple, I chose to go for nice and natural makeup. When it is sunny and hot I always use my Revlon Colorstay Foundation for oily skin. It really stays put and helps control the oil for a few hours. I then line the upper lashes with my Rimmel Scandaleyes thick and thin eyeliner pen and use my favourite 'The Falsies' mascara from Maybelline. For my lower lashes, I applied a faint line of Barry M Black Waterproof Eyeliner. To define my eyebrows I used the Pixi Natural Brow Duo in Medium Brown. This product is really natural as you can tell so I absolutely love to use it for my day looks. On my lips I used Bobbi Brown's Rich Lip Color in Old Hollywood. The lipstick is UBER PIGMENTED and is an absolute love!

This is my second look:

Reversible Sportsgirl bomber jacket, TEMT blouse, leather look leggings

TEMT blouse, leather look leggings

TEMT blouse, simple make up, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - San Paulo

This look is more edgier than the previous one. The top is from TEMT. It has such a beautiful print that I want to use it all the time! If only repeating outfits was not a crime (haha)! I'm also using leather look leggings (which are so hot right now) and my favourite jacket this Autumn, my Sprotsgirl Reversible Bomber Jacket! On one side, it has a lovely jewel print and the other side is black and quilted. Again I'm using my favourite pair of ankle boots. This look was accessorised with a watch by Fossil. For my makeup, I used the same products on my face as the previous look, however I switched my lipstick for my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in shade San Paulo.

Anyway, those were just some looks and ideas I wished to share with you for the long weekend. Hope you have an awesome one! Have lots of fun!

American Apparel floral crop top, ASOS Pinafore Skater Skirt in PU with Detachable Straps, Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color 'Old Hollywood' + fat cat

Lots of love from me and the fat cat! xx

Sunday, 13 April 2014

A New Love! NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream!

It's very rare for me to fall head over heels in love with a lip product, especially a lipstick, simply because I'm always trying new ones and falling in and out of love with them. I also don't usually go for liquid lipsticks. I only own a total of two liquid lipsticks at the moment and one is brand new - literally a day old - and I love it!

Whilst shopping at Target today, I noticed a '3 for the price of 2' special on for NYX products. There were so many I didn't know what to choose! Being a lipstick junkie, I eventually gave in and chose to purchase three lip products. Two were matte lipsticks and one was the soft matte lip cream.

Let me start off by saying, OH MY GOD THESE LIP CREAMS ARE LIKE BUTTER! When they said soft, boy did they mean it! It glided onto my lips so smoothly and felt so soft and creamy. I didn't feel like I was wearing a lipstick, I felt like I was wearing an expensive silk blouse, but one made for my lips. I was honestly so impressed with it, I didn't bother to try the lipsticks yet! I'm sure they'll be great but will they be as much of a love as this?

I purchased the shade San Paulo. It's a gorgeous rosy pink tone. I chose this shade because I own many red lipsticks so I wanted to try something different.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - San Paulo

The shade in the bottle is true to the colour it turns up on my skin which is great. The product itself has a creamy consistency and when applied does not feel like it will slip and slide. It is almost at full opacity in the first layer which means this product will last. I found it did transfer however, this was avoided by blotting my lips. It didn't settle into any creases on my lips whilst it was wet but as it dried (a couple hours in if I didn't blot) it settled a little. Though this, the settling is not as bad as other matte lipsticks I have tried. In fact, even when it settled, it didn't look bad at all. The colour lasted for hours too, I didn't see the need to reapply throughout the day. I had a small snack with this on and am happy to say the product lasted nicely and didn't fade.

All in all, I have to say this is a great product and a LOVE! I look forward to purchasing more colours in the near future!

Below are some swatches of the lip cream on my lips. This is after one application:

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - San Paulo

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - San Paulo

This is what it looks like with a second layer. I will probably use it with one layer most, simply because the colour is so opaque, however I find with two layers the pink tone pops way more on my skin, so I'll probably use it like this when I'm going out.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - San Paulo

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - San Paulo

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - San Paulo

Anyway that's all for today. I hope you found my review helpful!

Nur xx

Thursday, 10 April 2014

I Heart ASOS!

ASOS is one of the most popular online shopping sites for clothing and beauty, and that is because it is AWESOME! I love shopping on ASOS to ensure my wardrobe is up to date and I am ahead of the crowd in clothing trends. Shipping is always quickly processed so I receive my items anywhere between 3-5 days which is pretty quick considering the UK and Australia are at opposite ends of the globe!

That said my post today is of course the ASOS haul I mentioned I would do earlier. I have bought things from lipsticks to skirts and a dress so read on to find out more! I do go into a lot of detail with certain items and would just like to mention that this is just my own personal opinions about them.

Asos Haul

I'll start off with my little beauty section of my haul. I purchased four Rimmel lipsticks and a Barry M lip paint off the site. The Rimmel lipsticks are all part of the Kate range which I have completely fallen in love with!

Rimmel Kate Lipsticks and Barry M Lip Paint

The two Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte shades are 110 and 111 ( I completely adore them both! I get complements every time I use them. The other two are part of the original Lasting Finish line ( and they are in shades 16 and 05. The Barry M Lip Paint I purchased is in the shade 151 'Sunset' which is a beautiful coral shade (

Rimmel Kate Lipsticks and Barry M Lip Paint Shades

Next thing I purchased was the Rose & Co. Patisserie De Bain Body Cream in Strawberry Cupcake ( This cream smells so sweet and strong, it literally shocked me upon first sniff! It has a really nice scent though so I tone it down by mixing it with a little bit of my usual body moisturiser. The texture of this cream is so rich and thick it feels luxurious!

Rose & Co. Patisserie De Bain Body Cream in Strawberry Cupcake

Rose & Co. Patisserie De Bain Body Cream in Strawberry Cupcake

The last beauty item I purchased is the Tangle Teezer ( I liked the concept and wanted to try it out myself so I bought it. I was also completely pulled to purchase it because it was purple and pink, my two favourite colours! Upon using the Tangle Teezer I now understand its hype, it really does work! Though I prefer using it on my wet hair rather than dry. My hair is naturally curly so combing or brushing it dry frizzes it up.

Tangle Teezer in Pink and Purple

Onto the clothes and accessories now! I purchased a few new staple items for my wardrobe and a few fun trendy ones. First up I would like to introduce my new Metal Top Cat Eye Sunglasses ( I was sceptical about using cat eye sunglasses at first because I thought they wouldn't suit me. These were just too cute to handle so I bought them and I love using them now I have them! If there's any fault at all to these is that I prefer having a hard case for my sunglasses as I always carry a pair in my bag and fabric cases just don't give enough protection.

ASOS Metal Top Cat Eye Sunglasses

Next up are my new shoes. These are by New Look and they are the Jankle Flat Shoes ( These are super cute! I love the ankle strap and studs. It helps give that effortless grunge look to any outfit!

New Look Jankle Flat Shoes

I am really into leather look items this season so I purchased three items. Two are skirts and one is a top. The Closet Sleeveless PU Peplum Top ( was an absolute must have for me! Pair them up with jeans or a cute mini and this baby will immediately make you look super trendy! Teamed up with a chunky statement necklace this top can be used from a day look to night look. I LOVE IT! It didn't feel cheap or look too shiny (which is something I'm not into). It just has a nice sheen to it which is not overwhelming at all.

Closet Sleeveless PU Peplum Top

I felt the need to purchase two new staple leather skirts for my Autumn/Winter collection this year (as I have every year since 2011). So where else to go but ASOS to find them! Now why did you need to buy two new leather skirts you ask? I honestly use the heck out of them! All through the colder months and sometimes even the warmer months so every leather skirt I have ever owned was a GOOD investment. I purchased the ASOS Pinafore Skater Skirt in PU with Detachable Straps ( and the Club L Embossed Leather Look Skater Skirt in White ( By the way, the heart in the middle of the skirt is the tag, not an actual part of the skirt, just wanted to clarify that before going on!

ASOS Pinafore Skater Skirt in PU with Detachable Straps

Club L Embossed Leather Look Skater Skirt in White

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ASOS Pinafore Skirt! It's so cute, the pleats are gorgeous, it's matte black and a decent length, plus the straps are detachable meaning I can get two different looks from the one piece! I posted a look I created using this skirt on Instagram so feel free to check that out! I'll also have a post about that look (and hopefully a couple more) up here sometime soon!

The white leather skirt is also a love as the texture print on it is super cute. The one flaw I have with the white skirt is the cutting of it. I am a curvy girl so skater skirts and dresses are my best friends, especially since I can be a little self conscious about my body. This skirt was just cut way too small. It doesn't feel like a skater skirt. On me it looks more like a flared skirt so unfortunately, curvier girls may not be able to achieve that skater skirt look in this piece than say the black leather skirt I purchased (this is just MY opinion though, if you're curvy and love it and it sits great on you then lucky you! Consider me jealous!). If I could go back I would purchase this skirt a size up from what I usually am, just so the skirt can sit nicer on my hips and I can achieve the flare I so long for in a skater skirt! I'm not too sure how much wear I will be able to get from the skirt, simply because of that one issue. I still love looking at it when I open my wardrobe though, it is just so pretty! Hopefully I'll be able to figure out a way I can use it whilst being comfortable in it soon!

The last, but certainly not the least of my purchases, is the ASOS Skater Dress in Spot and Floral Print with Tie Back ( This dress is SOOO cute! The print is to die for and the tie back just adds to its cuteness appeal. The colours are nice for all the seasons of the year making this a beautiful staple floral dress! If only I was taller! This dress sits a little too long for me since I'm quite vertically challenged... But nothing a pair of heels can't fix!

ASOS Skater Dress in Spot and Floral Print with Tie Back

If you haven't purchased from ASOS before I suggest you give it a go you will not be disappointed! Anyway that's all for my post today. I hope you have a gorgeous day wherever you are in the world!

Nur xx

Saturday, 5 April 2014


Hey guys!

I have been busy unboxing my parcels for you and decided to make this post a fun one! I had recently purchased a few items off the E.L.F website and figured instead of posting pictures and stating what each item was and why I purchased it, I would instead take over 300 photos of them and make a fun quick stop motion video for you. I have not seen any makeup or haul videos which incorporated this technique (which I am aware of), so being myself, I decided to create the first one!

I really hope this video was as entertaining to watch for you as it was for me to create it! In the near future, I shall have a post or video for you with some swatches or a review or maybe even a demo. We shall have to wait and see! In case the video above doesn't work on your browser, I have included a link to it below.

E.L.F Makeup Haul Unboxing Using Stop Motion Animation

As always, wherever you are in the world, hope you have a great day and keep being beautiful!

Nur xx

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Colette Hayman Haul!

One of the parcels I received this week contained a haul I purchased off There was a MASSIVE 50% OFF ALL JEWELLERY promotion which was awesome! Seeing 50% and jewellery in the same sentence caught my attention immediately. I'm always up for a statement necklace purchase because I absolutely love necklaces so I just couldn't help myself. In my haul I purchased four necklaces, two bracelets and three pairs of earrings.

Upon opening my parcel I was greeted with the beautifully printed plastic bags iconic to Colette Accessories.

Colette Hayman Haul

Inside I saw my loot, and I was super excited! I love buying my accessories from Colette. All their items are very durable, reasonably priced and super pretty! First thing I pulled out was the Stone and Crystal Statement Necklace ( I love the colour! Plus the gemstones add some glamour to the piece.

Stone and Crystal Statement Necklace

Next piece I purchased was the Pretty Shapes Necklace ( This piece caught my attention from its bright blue colour and how intricate the design is.

Pretty Shapes Necklace

The next item is the Mesh Chain Plaited Necklace ( I bought this because it is simple and has both gold and silver tones in it meaning I can match it with both of my favourite watches.

Mesh Chain Plaited Necklace

Next item is the Flat Cobra Chain Bracelet ( This bracelet is gorgeous to touch, I love the texture! I also love the clasp (I think that's what it's called)! It does sit a little loose on my wrist but that's ok by me.

Flat Cobra Chain Bracelet

The other bracelet I purchased is the Chain in Chain Wristwear ( I love over the top bracelets to complement simple outfits and this bracelet definitely ticks all the boxes! It's a little crazy but really cool. The gold tone of it is also very clean making it very wearable.

Chain in Chain Wristwear

Next up are the Shapes Enamel and Stripe Stud Earrings (! These were purchased simply because they are cute and match my new necklaces.

Shapes Enamel and Stripe Studs

Lastly I purchased the beautiful Colette Hayman Stunning Necklace ( I'm not sure if this is a special limited edition piece or part of a fancy collection of some sort because it came in a luxurious velvet pouch! I bought this necklace simply because it's beautiful and classy and glamorous and I had not seen anything like it. A truly unique piece which I had to make my own.

Colette Hayman Stunning Necklace

Anyway that concludes my Colette Hayman Accessories Haul!

Nur xx