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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My Favourite Brightening Face Powder & Ben Nye Bella Luxury Powder in Banana Dupe!

Hello everyone!

Today I bring you fantastic news! I have raved about this powder on my channel before, the perfect under eye setting powder, highlighter and overall brightener - the E.L.F Cosmetics High Definition Powder in Corrective Yellow. Previously, it was not available in Australia - and it still isn't - unless you purchase it from Yes ladies, you heard me right, iHerb, the most fantastic site to go to for purchasing makeup brushes and E.L.F cosmetics, has just brought in the beautiful High Definition Powder in Corrective Yellow.

This product is VERY new to the site. I decided to check out iHerb a couple of days ago as I wanted to pick up some items, and when I saw this beauty on sale, my mouth literally dropped and I wanted to yelp in joy! I knew I had to share my discovery with you guys! Being impatient, at the beginning of the year, I purchased the powder for $15! I know, I'm crazy, it was much too expensive, but I simply had to have it! On iHerb you will be pleased to know the High Definition Powder in Corrective Yellow only costs $6.76! What a bargain! I want to buy another, just because it is so cheap! But alas, this powder is so good, a little really goes a long way and I truly have tonnes left. I don't think I'll need more for at least another year. Moral of the story: I should be more patient, and E.L.F Cosmetics is awesome! Though this, I don't regret paying so much for mine, since it will last me ages and I know it's a great product which I love and recommend you guys to pick up since it is so darn cheap!

Allow me to share why you need this powder.
1) It is cheap
2) It sets undereye concealer beautifully
3) It is a gorgeous natural highlight, no shimmer or glitter required, it gives a lovely glow
4) It can be used to brighten the whole face
5) It has SPF 45 which is excellent for sun protection
6) It is a dupe for the Ben Nye Bella Luxury Powder in Banana, which Kim Kardashian apparently swears by to set her highligher. And the best thing is it is a fraction of the cost of that powder and does exactly the same thing!

E.L.F High Definition Powder in Corrective Yellow

E.L.F High Definition Powder in Corrective Yellow

If you haven't tried a HD powder, or a yellow powder before, I HIGHLY recommend you purchase this. I assure you will get use out of it and will love it too. If you're looking for a great overall setting powder, brightener, highlighter and sun protection, then look no further, this product is a must have! As I said I highly recommend it, and at just over $6 a pop, you're not losing anything by giving this a go!

Nur x

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