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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Michael Todd Chronicles: Week 1

Hello guys!

This week, Michael Todd and I got off on a shaky start. Safe to say, my skin was not happy with any of the products I used! Apart from the masks which made my skin feel lovely for a day or so, everything else just seemed to irritate my skin. I wasn't blind sided though, I saw it coming. My skin does not like change... at all. So I just ignored the redness, itchiness and bumps that kept coming my way.

I am now pleased to report that as of yesterday, my skin started to adjust. Its clearer in that the redness has dramatically reduced and the bumps have shrunken in size! My scars look like they are lighter which is also a plus!

This is how my skin looks this week, hopefully there will only be improvements from here on out!

My Skin One Week After Using The Michael Todd Skincare Regime.

I figure you'll need a comparison on what my skin was like before Michael Todd so I took a picture before trying it.. then I deleted it by accident... so upon scrolling through what felt like EONS worth of photos I found one of my bare skin from about 3 months ago. As you can see my hair was significantly shorter back then but my skin was more or less in the same state. The scar you see below was only slightly lighter last week, before I tried Michael Todd products so as you can see, the pigmentation of the scar has reduced nicely. I think I have the lemon extracts to thank for this!

My Skin Before Using The Michael Todd Skincare Regime.

Anyway, that is the update for this week. I will chronicle my skin's improvements and drawbacks every Sunday, so if you're interested, keep your eyes out for that by subscribing to my blog! Thanks a bunch!

Nur xx

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