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Friday, 4 July 2014

Getting Set Up On Bloglovin!

Hey guys!

I have recently discovered this lovely site called Bloglovin which allows you to easily connect with your favourite blogs and bloggers and be notified as soon as they create a new post! I thought to myself, oh my god that is such a nifty idea! There is nothing I love more then coming home from work, eating dinner then visiting my favourite blogs to unwind.

To make it easier for you guys to keep up to date and be notified of my new blog posts, I created an account on Bloglovin. It's so simple, either click on the link below or the gorgeous icon in the sidebar to get a notification as soon as a new post is up. What's better is you can also access and view your other favourite blogs from the one site, just create an account - it's totally free and you'll be able to read all your favourite blogs from the one place! I really appreciate all of you visiting my blog and reading my posts and I would really love to know you love me back. Just click the follow button :)

Thank you and lots of love,

Nur xx

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