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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Colette Hayman Haul!

One of the parcels I received this week contained a haul I purchased off There was a MASSIVE 50% OFF ALL JEWELLERY promotion which was awesome! Seeing 50% and jewellery in the same sentence caught my attention immediately. I'm always up for a statement necklace purchase because I absolutely love necklaces so I just couldn't help myself. In my haul I purchased four necklaces, two bracelets and three pairs of earrings.

Upon opening my parcel I was greeted with the beautifully printed plastic bags iconic to Colette Accessories.

Colette Hayman Haul

Inside I saw my loot, and I was super excited! I love buying my accessories from Colette. All their items are very durable, reasonably priced and super pretty! First thing I pulled out was the Stone and Crystal Statement Necklace ( I love the colour! Plus the gemstones add some glamour to the piece.

Stone and Crystal Statement Necklace

Next piece I purchased was the Pretty Shapes Necklace ( This piece caught my attention from its bright blue colour and how intricate the design is.

Pretty Shapes Necklace

The next item is the Mesh Chain Plaited Necklace ( I bought this because it is simple and has both gold and silver tones in it meaning I can match it with both of my favourite watches.

Mesh Chain Plaited Necklace

Next item is the Flat Cobra Chain Bracelet ( This bracelet is gorgeous to touch, I love the texture! I also love the clasp (I think that's what it's called)! It does sit a little loose on my wrist but that's ok by me.

Flat Cobra Chain Bracelet

The other bracelet I purchased is the Chain in Chain Wristwear ( I love over the top bracelets to complement simple outfits and this bracelet definitely ticks all the boxes! It's a little crazy but really cool. The gold tone of it is also very clean making it very wearable.

Chain in Chain Wristwear

Next up are the Shapes Enamel and Stripe Stud Earrings (! These were purchased simply because they are cute and match my new necklaces.

Shapes Enamel and Stripe Studs

Lastly I purchased the beautiful Colette Hayman Stunning Necklace ( I'm not sure if this is a special limited edition piece or part of a fancy collection of some sort because it came in a luxurious velvet pouch! I bought this necklace simply because it's beautiful and classy and glamorous and I had not seen anything like it. A truly unique piece which I had to make my own.

Colette Hayman Stunning Necklace

Anyway that concludes my Colette Hayman Accessories Haul!

Nur xx

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