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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Ahoy Postman!

This week was parcel week at my house. Well it's always parcel week at my house because I'm an internet shopping addict! That said, this week was different, this week was full of fashion and beauty hauls which I cannot wait to share with you!

Online Shopping Hauls!

Now that does not look like much and that's because it's not. There were many more parcels than that, but I couldn't fit them all into the photo! During the week I will be unboxing these babies and showing you everything I bought (LOTS of jewellery, sunglasses, clothes and makeup). I also plan to post onto my blog and Instagram various looks I've created using these items so keep your eyes peeled for that!

To start us off, I have decided to show my purchases from The Iconic ( I LOVE SHOPPING AT THE ICONIC!!! It's the perfect site to shop at. It stocks everything from clothing and footwear to beauty and perfume. And I love that I'm shopping locally. Don't get me wrong, I love shopping at ASOS and Missguided however shopping locally is great as I literally can receive the item anywhere between 3 hours to a day after placing my order.

The Iconic Haul

So those are the items I purchased. I purchased two items by the brand Ezra and two from 1&20 Blackbirds.

Ezra Double Front Zipper Bag

The bag is from Ezra. It's the Double Front Zipper Bag ( Why a new bag you ask? I do have plenty of bags which I love switching up and recently, I broke the strap on one of my favourite bags! Hence this bag purchase. I love the simplicity of it, the zipper detail, the long strap I can use to carry it with, the large size and the price! For $29.95 this bag is a steal! I can fit my ipad in, my ASUS 13.3" Ultrabook UX32VD (, my books, makeup, basically anything a young woman would need to carry on a daily basis.

Floral Woven Tee by Ezra & Scoop Crop Tee by 1&20 Blackbirds

Next up I purchased two cropped shirts. The Floral Woven Tee by Ezra ( and the Scoop Crop Tee by 1&20 Blackbirds ( I love pairing cropped shirts with fit and flare skirts. SUPER CUTE COMBO!!

1&20 Blackbirds Bug Earrings

Lastly I purchased a pair of earrings by 1&20 Blackbirds ( These "Bug Earrings" are definitely not buggy! They're super cute and I love the colour pop I achieve when I have these on! They can definitely brighten up any outfit.

Anyway that's all for today! As always, wherever you are in the world, hope you have a great day and keep being beautiful!

Lots of love,
Nur xx

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