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Saturday, 5 April 2014


Hey guys!

I have been busy unboxing my parcels for you and decided to make this post a fun one! I had recently purchased a few items off the E.L.F website and figured instead of posting pictures and stating what each item was and why I purchased it, I would instead take over 300 photos of them and make a fun quick stop motion video for you. I have not seen any makeup or haul videos which incorporated this technique (which I am aware of), so being myself, I decided to create the first one!

I really hope this video was as entertaining to watch for you as it was for me to create it! In the near future, I shall have a post or video for you with some swatches or a review or maybe even a demo. We shall have to wait and see! In case the video above doesn't work on your browser, I have included a link to it below.

E.L.F Makeup Haul Unboxing Using Stop Motion Animation

As always, wherever you are in the world, hope you have a great day and keep being beautiful!

Nur xx

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