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Thursday, 10 April 2014

I Heart ASOS!

ASOS is one of the most popular online shopping sites for clothing and beauty, and that is because it is AWESOME! I love shopping on ASOS to ensure my wardrobe is up to date and I am ahead of the crowd in clothing trends. Shipping is always quickly processed so I receive my items anywhere between 3-5 days which is pretty quick considering the UK and Australia are at opposite ends of the globe!

That said my post today is of course the ASOS haul I mentioned I would do earlier. I have bought things from lipsticks to skirts and a dress so read on to find out more! I do go into a lot of detail with certain items and would just like to mention that this is just my own personal opinions about them.

Asos Haul

I'll start off with my little beauty section of my haul. I purchased four Rimmel lipsticks and a Barry M lip paint off the site. The Rimmel lipsticks are all part of the Kate range which I have completely fallen in love with!

Rimmel Kate Lipsticks and Barry M Lip Paint

The two Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte shades are 110 and 111 ( I completely adore them both! I get complements every time I use them. The other two are part of the original Lasting Finish line ( and they are in shades 16 and 05. The Barry M Lip Paint I purchased is in the shade 151 'Sunset' which is a beautiful coral shade (

Rimmel Kate Lipsticks and Barry M Lip Paint Shades

Next thing I purchased was the Rose & Co. Patisserie De Bain Body Cream in Strawberry Cupcake ( This cream smells so sweet and strong, it literally shocked me upon first sniff! It has a really nice scent though so I tone it down by mixing it with a little bit of my usual body moisturiser. The texture of this cream is so rich and thick it feels luxurious!

Rose & Co. Patisserie De Bain Body Cream in Strawberry Cupcake

Rose & Co. Patisserie De Bain Body Cream in Strawberry Cupcake

The last beauty item I purchased is the Tangle Teezer ( I liked the concept and wanted to try it out myself so I bought it. I was also completely pulled to purchase it because it was purple and pink, my two favourite colours! Upon using the Tangle Teezer I now understand its hype, it really does work! Though I prefer using it on my wet hair rather than dry. My hair is naturally curly so combing or brushing it dry frizzes it up.

Tangle Teezer in Pink and Purple

Onto the clothes and accessories now! I purchased a few new staple items for my wardrobe and a few fun trendy ones. First up I would like to introduce my new Metal Top Cat Eye Sunglasses ( I was sceptical about using cat eye sunglasses at first because I thought they wouldn't suit me. These were just too cute to handle so I bought them and I love using them now I have them! If there's any fault at all to these is that I prefer having a hard case for my sunglasses as I always carry a pair in my bag and fabric cases just don't give enough protection.

ASOS Metal Top Cat Eye Sunglasses

Next up are my new shoes. These are by New Look and they are the Jankle Flat Shoes ( These are super cute! I love the ankle strap and studs. It helps give that effortless grunge look to any outfit!

New Look Jankle Flat Shoes

I am really into leather look items this season so I purchased three items. Two are skirts and one is a top. The Closet Sleeveless PU Peplum Top ( was an absolute must have for me! Pair them up with jeans or a cute mini and this baby will immediately make you look super trendy! Teamed up with a chunky statement necklace this top can be used from a day look to night look. I LOVE IT! It didn't feel cheap or look too shiny (which is something I'm not into). It just has a nice sheen to it which is not overwhelming at all.

Closet Sleeveless PU Peplum Top

I felt the need to purchase two new staple leather skirts for my Autumn/Winter collection this year (as I have every year since 2011). So where else to go but ASOS to find them! Now why did you need to buy two new leather skirts you ask? I honestly use the heck out of them! All through the colder months and sometimes even the warmer months so every leather skirt I have ever owned was a GOOD investment. I purchased the ASOS Pinafore Skater Skirt in PU with Detachable Straps ( and the Club L Embossed Leather Look Skater Skirt in White ( By the way, the heart in the middle of the skirt is the tag, not an actual part of the skirt, just wanted to clarify that before going on!

ASOS Pinafore Skater Skirt in PU with Detachable Straps

Club L Embossed Leather Look Skater Skirt in White

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ASOS Pinafore Skirt! It's so cute, the pleats are gorgeous, it's matte black and a decent length, plus the straps are detachable meaning I can get two different looks from the one piece! I posted a look I created using this skirt on Instagram so feel free to check that out! I'll also have a post about that look (and hopefully a couple more) up here sometime soon!

The white leather skirt is also a love as the texture print on it is super cute. The one flaw I have with the white skirt is the cutting of it. I am a curvy girl so skater skirts and dresses are my best friends, especially since I can be a little self conscious about my body. This skirt was just cut way too small. It doesn't feel like a skater skirt. On me it looks more like a flared skirt so unfortunately, curvier girls may not be able to achieve that skater skirt look in this piece than say the black leather skirt I purchased (this is just MY opinion though, if you're curvy and love it and it sits great on you then lucky you! Consider me jealous!). If I could go back I would purchase this skirt a size up from what I usually am, just so the skirt can sit nicer on my hips and I can achieve the flare I so long for in a skater skirt! I'm not too sure how much wear I will be able to get from the skirt, simply because of that one issue. I still love looking at it when I open my wardrobe though, it is just so pretty! Hopefully I'll be able to figure out a way I can use it whilst being comfortable in it soon!

The last, but certainly not the least of my purchases, is the ASOS Skater Dress in Spot and Floral Print with Tie Back ( This dress is SOOO cute! The print is to die for and the tie back just adds to its cuteness appeal. The colours are nice for all the seasons of the year making this a beautiful staple floral dress! If only I was taller! This dress sits a little too long for me since I'm quite vertically challenged... But nothing a pair of heels can't fix!

ASOS Skater Dress in Spot and Floral Print with Tie Back

If you haven't purchased from ASOS before I suggest you give it a go you will not be disappointed! Anyway that's all for my post today. I hope you have a gorgeous day wherever you are in the world!

Nur xx

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