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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Edit: The Leather Jacket (And How To Choose The Right One!)

The leather jacket is a classic piece which I'm sure almost every person owns. This season, leather is the must have accessory, and if you're looking for a leather item that will never go out of fashion, a jacket is the way to go. Leather can add style and edge to any outfit, and the leather jacket does just that.

Choosing a style to suit you is important no matter what price the jacket you're investing in is. There's the classic collared leather jacket, the biker jacket, the no collar jacket - you get the gist of it. Style is an important factor when purchasing an item which may be your staple for not only this season but for seasons to come. Body shape and personal taste are also important.

I had owned a classic biker jacket before this one, It was black with biker styling, padded shoulders, buckles on the bottom, regular length and was collared. I was over the style of it, plus I had outgrown it a little so I decided on buying a new one. Many factors influenced my choice and I thought I'd share them with you to help you make choosing your next leather jacket easier (or so I hope).

First I looked in the mirror and looked at my body shape. I'm short, curvy and have broad shoulders. This helped me determine that I wanted a cropped jacket to elongate my body and emphasise my hips and I did not want a collar as I felt it would emphasise my broad shoulders. Padding was optional (I usually prefer no padding in anything I own, but in some instances padding can shorten your shoulders or hide the fact you have naturally broad shoulders so I wasn't going to discount it right away). Next I looked at my wardrobe and decided on styling. Most of my clothes are edgy or on the opposite spectrum - girly. So I decided I wanted a modern leather jacket style, with zips or buckles or quilting, something which wasn't like the classic leather jacket was like. Though this I was definitely going to opt for a style I could use for seasons to come as well so it couldn't be too over the top.

Upon scrolling through countless online stores and visiting some retail stores too, I finally saw one that caught my fancy, a jacket by Motel Rocks. It was what I wanted, modern and edgy cool, but not too edgy, cropped and also collarless with some zip detailing. It also had padding which didn't accentuate my shoulders too much... My only complaint would be that the sleeves are too long, though I shouldn't be surprised, most jackets which fit my shoulders have sleeves which are too long for my arms - oh the problems with being vertically challenged! Anyway here is the jacket I chose. It retails for $139.99 at the Glue Store. It is PU leather, so not the real deal, but that's not an issue for me :)

Motel Rocks Jazz PU Jacket

Motel Rocks Jazz PU Jacket

Anyway, I hope my post was informative and will help you chose the right leather jacket for you! The purchasing method can actually be used for all jackets, and any item of clothing really. I usually only think about it if I'm purchasing something expensive or a staple item though.

Nur xx


  1. is that a mens jacket? looks sexy

    1. Hi Sendi. No, it is definitely a female jacket. I'm sure you can find a male version of it if you look hard enough though :) And thanks for saying it's sexy, I think so too!