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Friday, 13 June 2014

Essie Polish Haul: Part 1 (Parka Perfect, After School Boy Blazer & Fiji)

Essie nail polishes are well known all over the world for having great formulas, great color choices and for being ideally priced. In Australia, a 13.5ml bottle retails for $16.95. I recently purchased 6 bottles of their polishes, which I mentioned in my previous video, to try and review for you. I had not ever tried Essie polishes before this, so this is my honest opinion on my view of their quality. In this post I've also included some cute nail art ideas you may want to try with these polishes!

Essie Polish Haul: Part 1 (Parka Perfect, After School Boy Blazer & Fiji)
Essie Polish Haul: Part 1 (Parka Perfect, After School Boy Blazer & Fiji)

The first polish I'd like to talk about is my favourite of the three I've tried so far. It's a lovely midnight blue called After School Boy Blazer (846). I love this polish! It was opaque in the first coat and had a nice smooth consistency. Although it was opaque, I almost always apply two coats and this is how the colour turned out without any topcoat.

Essie After School Boy Blazer (846)

As you can see it has a glossy finish which is lovely. I'm not usually one to have plain nail polish on and I really love nail art so for this manicure I decided to do my take on GALAXY NAILS! And why wouldn't I? The polish is such a beautiful dreamy midnight blue! So I grabbed a makeup sponge and a good 8 bottles of polish, both glittery and not and sponged it on to my heart's content! This is the finished look with Seche Vite topcoat.

Essie After School Boy Blazer (846) with Galaxy Nail Art
My beautiful galaxy nail art design! As you can see in the picture below, each nail has a unique design that's totally cool!

Essie After School Boy Blazer (846) with Galaxy Nail Art

Next polish I tried was in the shade Parka Perfect (855). It's a cool grey-blue shade with green and silver micro glitter running through. When the polish was dry I could barely see any of the shimmer unless I was in direct sunlight. I think this shade is just lovely! The formula was alright, opaque after two coats but did feel a little runnier than I would've liked. This is what It looks like with two coats and top coat.

Essie Parka Perfect (855)

To add some design into my manicure, this time I decided to try nail art stamping. This is totally new to me and I wasn't sure if I'd like it, so I purchased a beginner set. I would like to say that I have finally got the hang of it and do like stamping so I may invest in a Konad stamper and scraper set soon. I chose to stamp on a cute indie floral design with black polish as I felt it really suited the colour and the season. I have also included pictures of the started nail art stamping set I purchased, incase you were interested in purchasing an inexpensive version to test if you're interested in investing in the real thing. I purchased this set for $7 on Ozsale and it came with the stamper, scraper, plate holder and 5 plates.

Essie Parka Perfect (855) with nail art stamping (indie floral design)

Nail stamping set

Nail stamping set

Lastly I tried the shade Fiji (348). It is a beautiful colour! A nice warm toned baby pink. A creamy looking polosh, but unfortunately this was my least favourite formula. As it is a light colour, I needed to use three coats which was fine by me, however the formula of the polish itself felt far too thin. I think if the formula of this polish was more like 'After School Boy Blazer', it would have applied better and I would've liked it more. It's such a shame as the colour is truly my favourite light pink of all the light pinks I own. This is a swatch of what the polish looks like. I only wore this colour for a day to match an outfit I was wearing out so I didn't get to do any nail art to it unfortunately. If I had time I would have kept it simple and just applied a fine gold glitter polish to the tips of each nail in a fallout manner. It would have looked very feminine and beautiful!

Essie Fiji (348)

And with that concludes Part 1 of my Essie Haul. I'll be posting up Part 2 soon when I give those polishes a try! We all know you shouldn't use polish for more than 10 days non stop (well I wouldn't anyway, nails need to breathe) so I'll get it up as soon as I can.

Nur xx

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