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Sunday, 16 March 2014

The start of something new!

Being a beauty and fashion fanatic alone can be quite a lonely experience. I always find myself spending so much money (almost every week) on various forms of makeup or fashion items; and only being able to appreciate it myself - which kinda sucks.

For a long time, I've always enjoyed watching YouTube videos and reading various blogs on make up and fashion. Hours would literally pass by and no matter how much I've read or watched, it felt like I could just keep on going through the posts and never get bored! Now, I always knew that makeup and fashion were more than just a hobby to me - they were a passion, and they still are.

For years I've watched bloggers share their experiences with makeup and fashion and I've always wanted to do the same! But I couldn't.... I was afraid of sharing. I know that sounds odd but I'm sure there are plenty of other people out there who feel exactly the same. Sharing my thoughts and ideas to people I know are second nature to me, but doing it online... The thought of sharing my views on such a public platform with people I hadn't met and basically putting myself out there, open to scrutiny, it was scary. And the thought of it still is. Despite my fears, I was convinced by my boyfriend to just give it a go. So I did.

The start of HappyNurtle

Today I posted my first video on YouTube. It was a haul video and I could see so many things wrong with it! The lighting, the video quality, the sound quality, the list goes on. Despite how I felt about it, I decided to post it anyway. Everyone has to start somewhere right? Whether it be the first YouTube video or first blog post (both of which I decided to attempt today) a start is the best thing to do. Because without starting something you'll never know if you're going to succeed or fail. You can only improve after you start right?

Hopefully I'll be able to succeed, get confident and be able to share with you my views on makeup and fashion. That's the ultimate goal, because enjoying them myself isn't as fun as being able to share and enjoy them with the beautiful people who appreciate them too! So here goes, the start of something new!

Anyway, that's all for today!

Lots of love,
Nur xx

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