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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I Love... The Most Delicious Body Washes!

I Love... Body Washes

Hey guys!

My post today is on these absolutely delicious body washes! I have been on the look out for some body washes that are so delicious, they would make me want to eat myself! Getting into the cooler months, I find it harder to get out of bed. It's too chilly in the morning and it's dark - I just want to stay warm in bed, where it's cosy and warm and being in totally unflattering pyjamas is completely acceptable!

Anyway I find that when it's too cold to do anything - but you have to anyway - having a warm shower with a body soap that's refreshing and uplifting and downright delicious just wakes you up and makes you feel amazing! These two body soaps by I Love... do exactly that! They make me feel so good in the morning. They smell like what it says on the bottle, like strawberries and cream and vanilla cupcakes! The gorgeous scents just wake me up and make me feel good every morning, the perfect thing for this cold weather. If you're after a gorgeous pick me up every morning, one that makes you feel good every morning, try these body soaps by I Love... you won't be disappointed! To add to this, these body washes are ultra moisturising and the scent linger's for awhile, making it basically a delicious perfume for the day too! I purchased mine off Ozsale a couple of weeks ago and the sales arent on often so I can't link it, but I am certain the I Love... products are available at Target, so check them out. I bet you'll love them!

Nur x

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